Downton Abbey Cocktails

Rose's Fizz

I get ideas for blog topics in a lot of ways. Sometimes, I’ll be working on a project or thinking of a project, when it occurs to me that other people might like to hear about it, too. So a blog post is born. Other times, I reach out to friends and ask what they want to read about. That’s how my design your own shirt series was born.


Rarer even than that, sometimes people just say, “Hey, Emily, you should blog about blah.”


Which I’m totally cool with! But I was recently told that the final season of Downton Abbey is coming up, and I should really blog about that because so many people love Downton Abbey, and don’t I?

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Just a quick update that you can now follow my blog on the Bloglovin’ app/website.

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I hope you all are having a great last two days of 2015. This is normally the time when blog writers share their top posts of the year, however, since I’m new, I’d just like to thank you for reading my blog at all and allowing me to share my thoughts and projects with you. I have 5 followers via email, which I consider a huge success since I’ve been at this for less than a month.

Thank you all! I hope to be even more entertaining for you in 2016!