Snickerdoodle Smoothie

Snickerdoodle Smoothie Cover

Yeah, I’m still on my snickerdoodle bender. I wanted to have multiple ways on deck of filling the need – the need for snickerdoodles. If you’re into protein shakes, or just want a healthier version of a cookie milkshake, this is the drink for you. Bonus – it’s very easily made vegan depending on the type of protein powder you use. Another bonus – this could very easily be made into an adult beverage, though that would significantly alter the Weight Watchers points value 😉 Continue reading

Waist Friendly Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary WW

One of the hardest parts of getting back on the weight watchers train was having to give up my cocktails. I swear, I’m not an alcoholic- just a full-time working mom of a preschooler.

But this is one drink that is a bit more friendly on the waist than other drinks, so I don’t feel as guilty if I indulge in one of these on a weeknight. Continue reading

Healthier Snickerdoodles

Healthier Snickerdoodles

Life is all fun and games, until you have to go find your fat pants in the closet because your current pants are getting a bit too snug. And when you realize that oh crap, it IS your fat pants that you are wearing and no, you aren’t just bloated, it may be time to dial back the excess a bit. It’s time to get a little less Dionysus and a little more Demeter around here. Long story short (too late), you may notice a trend here lately of healthy food posts 😉 Continue reading

My family trip to Ikea

Ikea Cover Picture

If you haven’t been to Ikea, it’s a surreal experience that’s difficult to explain. But, I shall try.

I don’t plan road trips around where Ikeas are located, but I do stop at one if they happen to be where I am. Ikea is a store that’s not just a furniture store, though that’s primarily what it is. It’s a Scandinavian store that sells modular furniture (build it yourself), but it has so much more.

Need a lamp? Got it. Bulbs for the lamp? Got those, too. Need a throw pillow to cover the ugly stain on the couch that you can see because of the lamp? No problem. Along with a rug to match the throw pillow, some vases and fake flowers, a new kitchen cabinet, dishes, bathroom storage, and while we are at it, here are some new toys for the kids. Oh – and did I mention the grocery area at the end? Yeah, it’s got that, too. Needless to say, I was excited to try out the new Kansas City Ikea on our most recent road trip. Continue reading

March 16 Ipsy Unboxing

Bag Open

Happy Monday – and Pi Day, everyone!

My family and I got back yesterday from a weekend trip to KC and Great Wolf Lodge, which was great fun – including a stop at Ikea!!! More to come on that…

Coming back from a trip is always hard – you’re tired, you see the mess you left before you went, you’ve got all that stuff to unpack…

So you can imagine my surprise and delight when I arrived home and my March Ipsy package had arrived!

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service for makeup products – high end samples, drugstore brands, makeup tools, and other makeup-y fun stuff. It also comes in a fun, new makeup bag each month. Best part – it’s only $10! Continue reading

Eyeliner – Types & Reviews, and a bonus recipe for homemade, chem free eye makeup remover

There are hundreds of different ways to do eyeliner – and the trends change daily. I’ve played with lots of them – pencil, gel, liquid, crayon, waterline, tightline, winged, above the eye, below the eye… I’ve tried it all, so while I’m not an expert, I do have a lot of information to share!

I’m going to show you the different types of eyeliners I’ve played with, how they look, how I use/apply them, and my general opinion of them. As a bonus, at the end of the post, I’ll share with you the “recipe” of eye makeup remover I use that’s super healthy for my skin, made with ingredients I have in my home, and leaves out the icky chemicals. Continue reading

Lotion Potion

Ladies – is there a better feeling than having freshly shaved legs, and slathering on the lotion so that they’re oh so soft, and then getting into bed with freshly washed sheets? Do you ever just roll around so you can feel the sheets run over your dolphin skin smooth legs? Also, is there ever a RARER occurrence? Clean sheets AND freshly shaven legs? That’s maybe happened twice in my life. But – it’s such a wonderful sensation that I can vividly picture and describe it from just two occasions in life.

In an earlier post about dry skin, and how to treat it, I eluded to a recipe for a homemade lotion bar that’s free of icky dyes, fragrances, chemicals… Well it’s time to deliver! Continue reading

Gentle Cleansing for your dirtiest place

Oh what a difference a few days makes! Do you know that I experienced warmth and sunshine in February in IOWA??? It was a beautiful weekend. We blew bubbles and played sidewalk chalk and went for walks and hikes and used my small bonus to get a nice little set of seats for the patio to sit on and enjoy the weather. My daughter leaped from a safe, secure ladder wrung to the second monkey bar bar, and successfully grabbed it. Then she tried to do it from her swingset tower and fell and screamed, and when I saw her holding her arm bawling, I was convinced that she had broken it. THANKFULLY she fell on her back and butt and just knocked the wind out of herself, scaring herself pretty well in the process. It’s going to be that kind of year. But I can’t wait!

Then, the cold came back. It is still winter, after all. In like a lion is March – may it leave like a lamb.

So now that I’m back inside, it’s PROJECT TIME!

This has been on my list for a while. I asked my good friends on facebook to give me ideas of what they would like to read on my blog, and one of the suggestions I got was “all natural oven cleaner!” Which reminded me – ovens need cleaned. Well, if you don’t plan on just moving out before it needs done, which I don’t. This is my permanent until-its-paid-off, install-one-of-those-stair-chairs-when-I-can’t-climb-them-anymore houses. I love it. So, I should probably maintain the oven. (Or buy a new one… because THAT is sane). Continue reading