Valentine’s Day Man Gifts – Friend, or Foe?

I have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. How’s your relationship with it?

On the one hand, it’s nice to have a day just to celebrate your special someone.

On the other hand, does Hallmark need to be involved?

On the one hand, who doesn’t love chocolate and flowers and all that?

On the other hand, who really needs another holiday to spend money on at this time of year? Continue reading

Caucus Cocktails!

It’s almost Caucus time! One of the many perks of living in Iowa (yeah, I said many. Don’t get me started, haters) is being able to caucus! Granted, I’ve only been once, and it did me no good when I did go, but this campaign has proved to me that it’s high time I go again! Continue reading

What do we hate? DUST!

Dust 1.jpg


Dust dust dust dust dust dust dust…

It is everywhere. And if I had a really old, spooky Addams family house, it’d be cool. But I don’t. I like clean stuff. Which means when the sun comes in my front room windows just right and shows me just how dusty the tv stand or railing is that I dusted just days ago, it really irritates me. Continue reading

School Time Wall

Full Wall

As much as I try to get out of the habit of purchasing random items with no purpose, it still happens from time to time. I’ll be at a junk sale and something will speak to me from across the space. I don’t know why, or what it is about it, or what I’m going to do with it, but I know I must have it. Well, it’s finally happened – my pieces have come together!

I have created a school time themed wall in Lucy’s play area. I love it so much! What do you think?


It all started with this. I don’t know why it spoke to me – I’m not a huge Disney fan, and I’m even less of a Pinocchio fan, but for some reason, I kept being drawn to it. So I bought it.

Flash Cards

Next were these flash cards. At a recent junk show, there were booths and booths and booths of old flash cards. I don’t know what people do with them – maybe scrapbook? But I wanted to get in on the fun. So I bought a soldier because it seems to me a soldier is a universally accepted toy and would go well in a play area, and a kangaroo, because I’ve always had a soft spot for them. When I was a kid, kangaroos were my favorite animal. Do you know how hard it is to find kangaroo things? Hard. So it’s switched many times since then.

I also have to call out that I owe thanks to a good friend Amber for the clamp clothes hanger being used as a picture hanger. I totally stole that idea from her (although I think hers is actually vintage, whereas mine was bought in a 3 pack from At Home). I also owe Amber huge thanks for getting me started on my blog. She took it upon herself to get me educated on the technical, behind the scenes, blog world and has made this so much more enjoyable for me than I could have thought. Thank you so much, Amber!

Family Portrait

This pink frame is one of two wooden frames I picked up at an antique store for $1. It’s actually been on this wall the longest, so everything else was hung around it. I took one of Lucy’s finger paintings and cut it to the size of the frame. I then took a piece of corrugated cardboard cut just slightly (1/8th of an inch slightly) larger than the size of the opening in the frame. Doing so, I was able to smuush (yep – made that word up) the cardboard into the frame with the picture in front of it, making it the easiest ever reusable art frame for Lucy’s art. Now, the picture currently in it is just resting in front. It’s too small for this frame, but still needs a place of honor, as this is the first painting (or picture, or anything, for that matter), that Lucy has made as a representation of anything. Do you see it? It’s our family! I’m the one in blue, which I’m trying desperately not to read into as I’m also quite rotund, and this was painted just moments after we watched Inside Out. Ryan is the figure in brown, and Lucy is in pink. I think she got tired of painting at that point.

Wire Clip Frame

This wire clip frame was the 2nd frame that I had bought along with the pink one. It was just a plain frame, but I added the chicken wire along back, and bought the tiny paper clips to add to it. It’s quite easy to do – here are the materials:

Materials for Clip Frame

Take your chicken wire and carefully cut it to the size you need. I (my husband, since I was still sick) used the tiny gold brads to nail the wire in – once the brad had a hold in the wood, he hammered a bend in it so that the nail head itself was bent over the wire, holding it in place. Does that make sense?

The subtraction flash cards that were on the wire clip frame along with the Dick & Jane cards and definition tags in the upcoming pics were a purchase from Etsy store ThePaperBasket. Once my idea came to me, I wanted a few extra items to really pull it together.

Dick & Jane Canvas

These Dick & Jane clips were a lot of fun to look through! I picked my favorite from the bunch and mod podged them to canvas. Behind that is a cardboard puzzle of the US. What’s really funny about this puzzle is that we found it in a tote of my husband’s old things, so it was definitely his, but I swear I remember having this same thing as a child. Maybe I’m nuts, or maybe it was that ubiquitous. Who knows?

Tag Banner

Finally, I end it all with my little banner of tags with word definitions on it – also purchased from ThePaperBasket. There were a bundle of these, but the words I chose to use for Lucy’s little school area were Kindness, Creative, Inspire, Because, and Delight.

Lucy’s little old school desk sits below it all, filled to the brim with crayons and coloring books she does not like to play with. But someday (sooner than I realize), she will use it to do her little homework on, and when she outgrows that desk, we can put in a bigger girl desk, or a bookshelf.

I mentioned above how a friend helped get me started with this blog, and thinking back to that makes me think now to how happy I am doing this. It was really hard to figure out at first, and there were a few times I was ready to give up (those times could have been hormonally fueled…). But I stuck with it and I look forward to finding new things to blog about and new updates to share with you all. Thank you for reading.

To honor that happiness, I’d like to share with you my first official blog giveaway! See, since I did not use up all of the subtraction flash cards or Dick & Jane clips that I ordered from ThePaperBasket, I will give them to the winner of this little giveaway as my gift to you for reading my blog. I will pick a winner at random on February 1st, so you have until then to get entries. Here is how you can enter to win:

1- Follow my blog via email (if you already do, you still get a point for this)- One entry

2- Share my blog on your facebook page – Another entry

3 – Follow me on Instagram – emmille2 – Yet another entry!

Simply comment on this blog to let me know what you’ve done – 1, 2, 3, or a combination. Once a winner is chosen, I will get you your prize!

Thanks everyone – for making this blog worthwhile for me!

Baby Smoosh Painting- Sensory Activity


The weekend is here! I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but where I am, it’s downright frigid. Which means I had been planning a really productive, don’t leave the house kind of weekend. I was going to get caught up on cleaning. I was going to get caught up on projects. And I was going to make a lot of blog posts based on that cleaning and project work. Continue reading

Lace Design Shirt – DIY Shirt Series 4 of 4


The last in this series is here! And it’s actually my favorite and most successful!

Though I have to warn you – these pictures look really bad. I’m sorry about that 🙁 But there’s a lot of chaos in my home lately (more to come on that later), so my choice is to show you these sub-par photos, or put this post off for a long, long time, until I can retake the photos. And I just don’t want to wait that long.

Continue reading