I’m still here…

Have you ever heard the phrase, “When it rains, it pours?” I always saw that on the salt container when I was a kid, and had no idea what it meant. Until I became an adult, and now it’s one of my favorite adages.

I try to balance getting too personal and boring for you, my readers, and being too impersonal. This is going to lead to the personal side of things. But I do think it’s important that we get to know each other. 2016 has been a heck of a year so far. I’ve been sick, my husband and daughter have been sick, and even last week, my husband had to take Spiny Norman to an exotic pet vet because he was sick! Now that we’re all feeling better (knock on wood), we switch our focus to helping husband find a job after being laid off from his job of ten years. That, and SPRING IS ON IT’S WAY! I’ve tried to spend almost every hour possible outside this weekend as my neck of the woods has been experiencing 60 degree weather!!! I haven’t felt it since, maybe October??? Unsure, but it’s been a while.

Another part of life that’s taken me until now to figure out is that everyone has the same 24 hour day, and there is no adding more time. So you’d better figure out how to fit in what’s important, and how to filter out what isn’t. Not to say that this blog isn’t important to me, but it’s more important to me to put the time into my posts and not waste your time with a five minute post of “content” that you can find done better elsewhere. We are both better than that, and from me, you are used to 10 minutes of content that you can find better elsewhere…

So basically this whole spiel is just explaining to you why I’ve had no content for a while. In being sick, I pretty much ran through all of the extra posts I had for cases of not enough time to produce more. I have some exciting plans in the works though – including some really fun makeup tutorials and reviews, some more around the house projects with some healthy cleaning materials, and now that I’ve finally run through my supply of LUSH products, some homemade, healthy bath & body products.

Here’s me, feeling too icky to actually DO any of the projects I need to do, and losing heart to do them after hearing my daughter ask why I’m always sick or resting (thanks for the broken heart and bad mommy complex, little one). See – for you, I persevere.


And as a teaser, here are just a small few of my many projects in flight to share with you all. Feeling teased? Great, I’ve done my job!

To Do Collage

Until later this week, my little darlings!!!


How about a quickie? Here are some life hacks – enjoy!

Life moves at a freaking fast speed. Freaking. That’s how fast. And as many blog posts as I have in the planning stages for you, my double digit subscribers (thank you btw – you make me so happy!), what I have lacked lately is the time to execute.

So I bring to you, without further adieu (I’ve always wanted to use that phrase…), some quickies. Enjoy these life hacks! Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Self-Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! My little Valentine is sitting next to me right now, reading as I type. It scares me how much this four year old can read.

Okay – she’s bored. Back to the Sci Girls tv show for her.

Love for others is great to share, but how about we focus on loving ourselves today, too. And by that, I mean taking care of our skin. I don’t know about you, but at this time of year, my skin is DRY and begging for some moisture. Since I’m the only 32 year old I know that is not only getting grey hair, but still gets acne like crazy, I have to be especially careful what I use for moisture. After much research and trial and error, I have come up with some great products that are body friendly, eco friendly, animal friendly, and pocketbook friendly. Continue reading

Plum Paper Planner Review -or- how I keep my $#!+ together (bonus – coupon code for my readers from Plum Paper!)

Before having a child, I could remember anything. I was never late for an appointment, I never, EVER, stood anyone up, and I planned for events months in advance. If you asked a friend or family member of mine who was least likely to forget their birthday, they would probably say my name.

Well, biology struck, and sadly, after giving birth, my pre-pregnancy memory never came back. I suffer from CRS for sure. I have a hard time remembering what day it is, let alone upcoming events. I can’t even remember the month half the time, and have to think seriously sometimes what season it it (“Why are there kids walking around during the day? Shouldn’t they be in school? Wait, what month is it…”). Continue reading

Mardi Gras, take me!!!

I love New Orleans, and I LOVE Mardi Gras! The music! The food! The drinks! The parades! The balls! The food! The music! The drinks! The food! The drinks! The culture!

I may have repeated some of those, but they are worth repeating. I can feel see myself standing in line at Cafe du Monde for some dark chicory coffee and some fresh, hot beignets. It feels right. It feels like it could be part of my every Saturday morning routine. I’m a regular here. At night, drinking a hurricane and listening to the zydeco music while dancing on Burbon Street… Continue reading

Laundry room makeover, & the best detergent you should be using. Spoiler – it’s not homemade (Phew!)

My journalism teacher would be disgusted by that headline. But, I’m feeling casual today.

Today is Groundhog’s Day, and despite the verdict from the little furry bastard, there is plenty of winter outside my window today! Granted, I’m not allowed to celebrate or discuss Groundhog’s Day in my house, because my 4 year old is made “nervous” by it. She “does not love” groundhogs. She explains that it is because they stink like their butts. So my husband and I had to promise not to celebrate Groundhog’s Day. I’ve learned that the way to survive life with a 4 year old is just to go along with things.

Groundhog's Day

Days can often feel like they are repeating themselves over and over again with a 4 year old. But there is one chore that makes life feel even more like a Bill Murray movie of the same holiday name, and that chore is laundry. Wash, dry, fold, wash, dry, fold… Or, more realistically in my house, wash, dry, forget in dryer, leave in basket for a week, dig for clothes in basket, wash, dry… Continue reading

February 1st – Iowa Caucus Day

My goal for you devoted readers and followers – aside from providing 2ish posts a week – is to provide a fun monthly feature on the 1st of every month. Last month, I gave you my January horoscopes. And in doing so, I realized something that I had never known before. Writing horoscopes is really hard work! I also thought of doing a review of products I used in the last month that I loved for this month’s feature.

But then I remembered – today is Caucus day! Which, to people that don’t live in Iowa, or do live in Iowa but don’t take part in politics, is a really confusing thing. Why are these caucuses so important? What goes on there? Is there cake? Why are these presidential candidates visiting Iowa like there’s no tomorrow? Well, for some of these candidates, there will be no tomorrow after the caucuses wrap up tonight.

So for this month’s feature, I’d like to break it down for you so that maybe you can get a little nerdy-excited about them like I am. Continue reading