DIY Designer-Inspired Pillows

There are many things that excite me about DIY. I like the process of making something. I love the finished product – when it turns out. I like being able to make things that other people might find valuable. And sometimes, it’s just nice to know I can make something myself, even if I don’t need to. For example – marshmallows. Making them myself is hard work, and not really necessary, but have you tried a homemade marshmallow? Totally worth it.

And sometimes, a DIY is just a way of cost savings. I bought these throw pillow covers and pillows from Ikea, and painted them in a fun blue ombre, for really cheap. Pillows like this from a retail store would have cost much, much more, and they would have actually meant less to me.

Finished Pillows

These were so easy, and fun to make. If you can pull a paint brush in a line (straight-ness not required), you can do these, too.  Continue reading