Halloween on a Dime, er… Dollar! Dollar Tree Craft Challenge

Happy HALLOWEEN! For me, the entire month of October is Halloween. I don’t know why I love Halloween so much – I’m not really into scary things, and not at all into the occult, but for some reason, at the end of summer, I can’t wait to start seeing cute skeletons and pumpkins and witches and ghosts all over the place!

Holiday decorations can get expensive fast, so I wanted to attempt to get creative with some cheap items this year. And what better place to get cheap items than the Dollar Tree! Everything I’ve made here is a combo of random scrap pieces around the house and Dollar Tree items.

My first project was inspired when I saw packages of colored, sparkly “tube.” The package even showed a neat wreath you could make with them. SOLD! I added in some spiders for spooky effect.


However, when I actually got the tube home and opened the package, I found out that the materials were just a small piece of what you’d need to make a wreath, and I found out after handling them that they were a stupid piece of that wreath, and if you tried to augment them in any way by opening them up and making them not-a-tube, they fell apart. Sigh.


Not one to be discouraged for long, I got creative and grabbed an old beat up piece of wood from the garage.


Look – free spiderwebs already!

I started gluing the tubing down in a random mess, hoping to make something that looked like a really colorful spiderweb out of it.


After adding my spiders – and some leftover Halloween colored tulle tied in a bow, I came up with…


… the ugliest thing I had ever seen. It was part modern art, part huge failure. I wanted to share it with you though so that you see that not all crafters are prefect – we just tend to hide the bad projects and not talk about them. Not me – I’m putting it out there for all to see!

I did rescue it – by tearing off the awful tube-y stuff and replacing it with some Dollar Tree fake spiderwebs.


Not terrible! The wood was technically free since it was in my garage, and the tulle was leftover from another project, so for this project, free. So in total, I spent $2 on what is shown above ($5 if you count the original purchase of worthless tube stuff), and the cost of the hot glue used to attach.

You can also get some really cheap glassware items from the Dollar Tree, including some very generic looking glass vases. Glass also takes extremely well to spray paint, so you can easily customize some glass pieces with different colors of paint. In a previous year, I took some empty glass bottles and sprayed them with stripes of white, orange, and yellow, to look like candy corn!

This year, I took  my hot glue gun and put a spiderweb like pattern of glue on the vase. Once that dried, I covered it with black spray paint for a shiny, black spiderweb vase. The flowers added into it later were not from the Dollar Tree; however, they do sell fake flowers that could also be spray painted into Halloween colors.

It’s a bit hard to really show off the spiderweb in photos thanks to the shine in the vase, but it’s a really neat way to dress up a cheap vase. You could also use hot glue as a sort of negative and peel it off after spray painting; however, if doing this, I would do a base color under the glue as it might be hard to see the clear space below with black showing through from the back of the vase. This would also be a great way to make some jack-o-lantern vases by using orange spray paint as the top coat and using the glue to shape out the face cut-outs; afterwards you could go over the face cut outs either by hand or by spraying the inside of the vase black (I would be cautious about spraying the outside black first and then trying to cover with orange. It could work, but it might take a lot of orange to cover the black!). Remember always to use a lot of ventilation when spray-painting. The fumes can get to you really quickly and it’s quite flammable as well. My grass with it’s many outlines from spray painting projects can attest to being a great place to use spray paint!

Decorating for the holidays does not have to be an expensive feat – it can be done cheaply with a little imagination, hot glue, spray paint, and being okay with having a few failures here & there!