Now you see it… Murphy Desk!

Very few things in life are guaranteed:



If you put a surface in my house, it will eventually get covered in “stuff.

Maybe this is true in everyone’s house. I know I am envious when I see pictures people post that are in their houses, and in the background is a kitchen counter with nothing on it. *Also – am I the only person that judges people’s homes from the backgrounds of their pictures? Sure, I may be commenting, “Cute kiddos!” But behind that, I’m thinking, “Oh my gosh – look at how they have their living room arranged! I should try that.”*

Earlier this year, I had waged a war in my home against “stuff.” Yet it still creeps in, so it’s an ongoing battle. Especially in my art studio.

Herein lies a conundrum, though: I need a clear working surface, yet if I create a surface, not only do I lose out on valuable space, but the stuff monsters will find it and take it over. So a clear working surface is kind of an illusion in that it only exists for a short time after it’s created. And since my time to spend on a project daily is limited, I don’t have time to clean a surface before each project.

So, how do I have a “temporary” surface that’s there when I need it, gone when I don’t, and not annoying like putting up a folding table every time I have a project?

Enter, these guys!

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I had actually been scouring Pinterest for ideas on how to make what I was referring to as a Murphy Desk (you know – like a Murphy Bed… anyone? anyone?) and was coming up with some neat ideas that were going to be SOMEDAY ideas (meaning, time and money required…) The same day, I was at my local hardware store getting some unrelated project items, when I came upon these brackets, turned to Husband, and asked, “Isn’t this pretty much what we were planning on building, only simpler and cheaper?”

Sometimes in life, you win!

Check this baby out – up desk, down desk, up desk, down desk, good desk…

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This could be useful for many things – but mainly, just for having a usable working surface that doesn’t always attract the stuff monsters.

I’m pretty proud of myself for this one.

The desk surface is actually a piece of counter grade plywood that was painted with a high gloss black interior paint. It’s a really old piece that I used in the past on top of a pair of bookshelves as a working surface, so I don’t have the exact price anymore. But, I’m going to estimate the cost at around $36. Combined with the brackets and screws, which I believe came in at less than $15, it’s not too shabby of a desk for $51!  If your local hardware store happens to be Menards, like mine, you can find these brackets in the section of the store where they sell the DIY shelf components, and modular DIY shelf in a box kits. You can also do what I often do in unfamiliar stores and find someone that works there and ask them where to buy the Folding Shelf Brackets. Sometimes this works.

Big thanks to Husband for installing it for me to finish wrapping Christmas gifts on. It’s amazeballs for that purpose.

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  1. Living in a small space I know all about “stuff”! Love your idea of a murphy desk. I look forward to seeing all you other great ideas!

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