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I love doing craft projects and anything DIY, but I’ll admit – it’s not always cheap! Handmade, or homemade, if you prefer, is definitely NOT cheaper than store bought. So I rely on sales, coupons, and clearance to fund my projects when possible.

I’m also always perusing the Target Dollar Spot aisles when I get a chance. These are the little block of aisles right inside the door that look like a tornado has hit them. I’m normally not expecting to see much when I make my way through the madness that those aisles have become. I was very pleasantly pleased, though, when I saw all of the Valentine’s Day supplies and crafts that were of good quality, and priced right for my budget!

Never overlook this area as a good place to find good supplies for your crafty projects.

Valentine's Day Supplies
Target Dollar Spot Valentine’s Day Supplies
Affordable Craft Supplies at Target
More Craft Supplies – don’t be intimidated by the mess!









I also found some Valentine’s kits in the Dollar Spot aisles that were amazing! It hearkens back to the day where Valentine’s were better quality than a thin piece of cardboard strapped to the back of a candy. Although I’m conflicted – I won’t be the only cool mom to make really clever Valentines with the ease of picking these up. I guess I’ll have to get over it sooner or later.

valentines at target

valentines at target

valentines at target


I’ll have to find some other way to be the cool mom. As the parent of an only child, I just have one chance 😉

My daughter is really getting into the holiday this year, so she was all over making Valentines for mommy & daddy. We stocked up at the dollar spot and got to work one icy weekend.

Daughter Making Crafts
My daughter is all ready to make Valentines!
Unicorn Onesie
She is also a Unicorn, did you know?









From the dollar spot, we grabbed some jars, felt heart cut outs, plenty of stickers (because when you are five, stickers are golden), and a pack of Valentine’s themed paper. This paper was well worth the purchase – it has glittered sheets, patterned sheets… It will live nicely in my collection of papers that I’m someday going to scrapbook with.

Picture of Supplies
Supplies all purchased from the Dollar Spot at Target

I helped by using the hot glue gun to affix all of the felt hearts, but otherwise, my daughter directed me on where to glue everything. She placed many, many stickers wherever she could, and we filled them with candy.

Jar with Felt Heart Glued On
These felt hearts were great quality and easy to decorate with!
Choosing the right sticker
Choosing the right sticker was a lengthy process.


We used the prettiest paper from the paper pack to cut hearts, which were glued to blank cards that I had on hand. She dictated to me a message for each myself and my husband, from her, of course, and she signed the outside of the card after affixing, oh, I’d guess ALL of the remaining stickers.

Daughter working on writing on the envelope
Working on Handwriting with her concentrating face


Adding more stickers to the project
More Stickers!

Finally, her gifts for Mommy & Daddy on Valentine’s Day are complete! I think the best part for me was to see the excitement on her face as she found a place in her closet to hide these gifts from us until she can give them to us on Valentine’s Day. Seeing how thrilling that was for her was priceless for me.

But it was nice to be able to do this with cheap supplies, and stock all of the leftovers into my craft stockpile for later projects!

Finished Candy Jars
Finished Products

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