Family Movie Night – Big Hero 6

Wow – has it really been this long since I’ve posted!? I guess it has! Life has certainly been busy. My absence can be attributed to being back in a degree program half time (which means 2 classes per term) taking courses that are fun but more challenging than the classes I took for my business degree, as well as getting my daughter through preschool and cheerleading, and still working full time and trying to keep the house running.

I work really hard to make sure that I am still spending as much quality time with my family as possible while life keeps up at this crazy speed, which will be for another year and a half until I’m done with school (the half was only added on recently when I had to drop a class and re-add it and two others to my “sentence” to help pass the originally dropped class). While I don’t think that my daughter seeing me do homework a lot will have a poor impact on her, I do want her to know that she is still a priority to me and I’m always here for her. One of my favorite things to do is plan Family Movie Nights.

Our Family Movie Nights are kind of a “big deal.” It’s not often we are all sitting and watching a movie – TV is definitely one of the things that got kicked out of my list of things I do to make way for homework. The movie has to be planned and chosen in advance so that the PLANNING can commence!

Family Movie Night is not complete without a themed menu and snacks, comfy clothes on the couch, and generally a sleeping bag lined with pillows on the floor because that’s cool to a 5 year old.

Big Hero 6 was one of the most recent movie nights we held. If you haven’t seen that movie, I highly recommend it. It’s got action, superheros, and a great message about friends & family and coping through a devastating loss. And of course, Baymax. Who doesn’t love Baymax?

Baymax Cheese Pizza
Use sliced olives to act as the eyes, and cut the slices in half to make the line between.

To accompany the movie, we had a Baymax cheese pizza, made complete by using sliced olives to add the Baymax face. You could certainly order a cheese pizza to save time, or do homemade or frozen. I took a shortcut and picked up a pre-made, half-baked cheese pizza from my grocery store and finished the baking at home. Those pizzas are great for those times that I actually do the grocery shopping in the store (opposed to online) and I’ve had such an ordeal of it that the last thing I want to do when I get the groceries home is actually cook them!

Honey Lemon-Aid was made by adding some honey to some powder mixed lemonade, but you could easily make this even better by making your lemonade from scratch. It would also be DELICIOUS with the addition of some fresh mint leaves… I know what I’ll be making to drink tonight!

Honey Lemon Aid
Honey Lemon Aid was very refreshing after all the salt from the pizza and olives!

My daughter loved making the Max-mallows while my husband and I got the rest of the food together. These were so simple with the use of an edible food marker. I picked mine up at a local craft store that sells baking supplies. I’m not sure what is in it to make it edible, but some questions are better unasked. If including a child in this, be sure to explain that there are some markers that are edible, but most markers shouldn’t be used to color food! She spent some time adding the Baymax face to some jumbo marshmallows and only ate about half of them in the process. It’s definitely not a precision marker, so forgive the blotchiness.

Using our edible food marker to make some Baymax marshmallows.
Our Baymax Marshmallows










Our Microbot Bites were simply some whole pitted black olives. I didn’t realize how divisive black olives were until I had a daughter that loved them and noticed that my husband avoided them and scoffed whenever she asked for them. So if you’re not lucky enough to be in a black olive eating family, well, you might have to think of something else to act as your Baymax face and Microbot Bites! Now, green olives – those things are disgusting!

lemondrops and olives
Lemon drops and Microbot Bites made the last of our movie buffet.

Last but not least, I picked up a bag of lemon drop candy to be our sweet Honey Lemon Drops.

The menu wasn’t as diverse as I typically like it, focusing only on two characters, but I wasn’t feeling particularly creative and I didn’t exactly have other easy-to-relate-to-food characters. The movie and food were hits, though, and the quality time in both thinking of food to have, preparing the food, and watching the movie while scarfing down was a wonderful break to the homework and chores.

finished pizza
All finished – Baymax got a bit of a tan in the oven!

If you’d like to go so far as putting together a menu for your Big Hero 6 movie night, I’ve attached a printable that is yours to enjoy!

movie menu printout
Feel free to print and use this menu for your Big Hero 6 movie night!

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  1. Love this! These are the things that make life worth living. The chaos of daily struggles, all made well through little moments like this. Keep up the good work!

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