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I’m Emily. I live in Iowa with my husband, daughter, cats, and hedgehog.

Apart from being a hands on mom and working a full time job, I like to be creative and active in my spare time. I love being crafty and creating things for the house, finding new meals and treats to make, reading great books, trying out new techniques for cleaning the house, living as cleanly as possible, playing around with makeup, and if I have time left, having fun. If I’m not doing any of those things, I could probably be found browsing Pinterest for hours on end.

This blog is an outlet for those sides of me – the creative side that’s dying to share what I’ve found with all of you. Or the hungry side of me that’s trying to find something good to eat. Or the healthy side of me that I rarely hear from who is trying to have a much louder voice in there. Or the side of me that’s really organized and trying to have an efficient, clean home. I have a lot of sides. You’ll get to know them all.

Otherwise, I’m just a fan of fun. I’m still in tune with my inner child and like to bring her out on a normal basis and create fun for my family as well.

And in the end, I’m just trying to figure out how to be me.


This blog is an outlet for my desire to write and provide value and usefulness to others. You will find product reviews, tutorial reviews, my own tutorials, ramblings of daily life, fun and silliness… The list could go on and on…

My focus will be on crafts, cleaning and eco-friendly living tips, makeup, and perhaps food. Think of it as a pinterest review for someone that actually wants to know if the stuff you find on pinterest works.

Want me to try something and let you know how it goes? I’m all ears – give me a holler in the comment section!

At this time, I am not sponsored by any means for any of the products I endorse. I will call out specifically if I am given a discount on a product or a free product to review. I do participate in the Amazon Affiliate program, meaning if you click on an Amazon link to an item I have reviewed to purchase the item, I will receive a small portion of the sales as an advertising fee. However, I will not post links to products I have not personally bought and reviewed for you.

Photo credits – pictures of me are done by the lovely photographer Happy Little Tree Photography. Look her up.

The much less good looking pictures of things other than me are done by me. I’m working on getting better.

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